Introduction to Africa Unconstrained

Economic analysis of African countries often groups the entire continent together. The term ‘Africa’ is frequently used as a broad generalisation for one or a small collection of African countries. This is unhelpful and contributes to a perception that conflates a single country to represent an entire continent. Africa is not a country.

Africa Unconstrained: Perspectives on the Continent’s New Era challenges current narratives on the economic future of African countries. We use in-depth analysis, webinars, interviews with global experts and original research to bring out the key economic challenges – and their solutions – for African countries and their partners.

Introduction to Development Reimagined

Development Reimagined (DR) is an African-led consultancy with headquarters in Beijing and offices in Nairobi and London, working with our clients to develop innovative solutions to challenging development issues. We believe that in the new era of development, it is pivotal for developing nations to strategically engage with China and other development partners. Acting on this belief, we offer bespoke strategic advisory services to Governments, businesses and other stakeholders seeking to develop robust, holistic and long-term development plans and projects.

In particular, DR leaders and experts are driven by three underlying values:

Our Core Values

Development is about “us” not “them”

Development is about “us” not “them”

Aid is only one answer among many

Diversity is a huge strength

  • Development is about “us” not “them”. Development involves real people who act rationally in the situations they (we) find themselves (ourselves) in and with the information they (we) possess. Under this guiding principle, our research and analysis always aims to draw on rigorous data and real, on the ground evidence and experience from the countries – especially the poorest – where we have lived and worked – whether Kenya, China or the UK. We use this lens as a key tool to think critically and carefully about each problem our clients bring to us and find new innovative solutions.
  • In development, aid is only one answer among many; aid is no more a panacea to economic and social problems in poor and middle-income countries than government or philanthropic handouts are to solving problems in richer economies. For instance, an African business person may benefit more from one change in trade duties by China or the UK than a decade of aid. Through our work, we aim to change public thinking on aid in development. It is one tool in the box, complemented very well, for example, by foreign direct investment, cooperative partnerships for skill sharing, even our own personal actions to conserve the environment, and more.
  • Diversity is a huge strength; this strength is exhibited by DR staff and experts as they actively seek to frame and gather contrasting views, perspectives, and frameworks to find optimal solutions. It is this mosaic of opinions and opportunities that inform our work output, and give our clients the best results.

Our three core values ignite the spark in us every day to think critically yet practically, and authentically “reimagine” the way we see and act in our ever-changing world.

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